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Friendship Circle is looking toward the future with LifeTown Tomorrow, Legacy Endowment Campaign. The endowment provides the opportunity for friends and supporters to leave a lasting legacy and ensure the long-term viability of Friendship Circle and LifeTown. The fund will provide ongoing support so that individuals with special needs can live a life that is productive and meaningful.

A longtime friend and supporter has stepped forward with a $1 million challenge grant to launch the Endowment Fund. The supporter will give a $1 million gift if we are successful in raising an additional $1 million in donations and pledges and $1 million in legacy commitments.

Among the first supporters of the campaign were the Gottesman family. “Through our endowment, we hope that the dreams and needs of so many will be nurtured today and for years to come,” said Paula Gottesman.

Having participated in FC since its inception, Nancy and Barry Lefkowitz have seen the benefits and growth of FC firsthand and what that to continue. “Participating in the LifeTown Legacy Endowment is a natural progression of what we have been doing, while ensuring that Friendship Circle and LifeTown continue on for future generations.”

It is easy to participate in the endowment fund by designating a gift to LifeTown in a will. Those who donate to the endowment fund will be recognized in the LifeTown Legacy Society.

June and Michael Schechner said, “We want to continue our support even after we’re gone. We are proud to make a statement that we want FCNJ to thrive for generations to come.”

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that even the strongest institutions can be vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances,” said Renee and Cyro Averach. “We want to make sure that LifeTown has the financial resources to withstand any hardship, and to deliver its incredible programs for years to come.”

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