Miracle Monday

Last week found a flurry of activity on Microlab Road in Livingston as Friendship Circle staff moved back into the building at 10 Microlab, which they had vacated to allow for construction of LifeTown.

With LifeTown nearing completion, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the Township of Livingston allowing the use of the offices on the building’s entry level.

“This is an amazing and special day for everyone at Friendship Circle,” said director Toba Grossbaum. “Being able to work in LifeTown gives us a taste of what is to come. The dreams, aspirations and hard work is coming to life. We can’t wait until the building is completely finished very soon, so that we can welcome everyone home to LifeTown.”

As the moving trucks were being unloaded at LifeTown, across town, the Livingston Town Council was busy approving “Ordinance No. 10-2018,” a resolution to change the name of “Microlab Road” to “Miracle Way.”

According to Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, executive director of LifeTown, the street’s new name reflects a hopeful future full of promise. “As our Microlab building has been repurposed and, over the years, other worthy organizations have moved onto the block it was only appropriate that the street name reflect the energies of the miracles that happen every single day on this street.”

In addition to the 53,000-square-foot LifeTown, Miracle Way is home to Spectrum360, Universal Institute, Kessler Orthotic & Prosthetic Services, Rotwein&Blake (the architects who designed LifeTown) and a number of other businesses and organizations.

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