LifeTown Weathers Regional Power Outages 

In what is perhaps the first real test of the weather against LifeTown, we are happy to report LifeTown won.


As winds in excess of 50 MPH buffeted trees in Livingston and toppled power lines causing thousands of outages across the state, LifeTown remained opened and its electricity flowing thanks to a Generac generator that was installed during construction by Modern Group of Edison, N.J.

“It is comforting to know that we are able to keep our scheduled programs and events going despite adverse weather conditions,” said Levi Grossbaum, director of operations at LifeTown, “given that some of our participants are especially sensitive to changes in routine, being able to remain open and maintain our schedule is vital.”

Despite the power being out on Microlab Road, thanks to LifeTown’s generator, work continued inside and the planned annual basketball game between Friendship Circle and Golda Och Academy took place as scheduled Monday night.

We are happy to report that the Friendship Circle team won again, as they have each year the game is played.


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