Shabbat in a Box Launch and More

Shabbat in a BoxIt’s been a busy couple of days at the Friendship Circle. Last week some 50 children and their parents came to the Friendship Circle to make challah for Shabbat. There was plenty of fun as the kids  kneaded their dough and topped their challahs off with chocolate chips! We’ll have photos for you later this week.

Then came the news that the article NJBiz did on LifeTown was the lead item in this week’s NJBiz weekly email. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article yet, you can check it out here. No subscription is required.

And today we’re launching our newest initiative, Shabbat in a Box. The program will provide care packages full of Shabbat necessities like candles, grape juice, challah and more to those in need. Shabbat in a Box kicks off today at 4pm with a “Pack & Snack” event. From 4-5:30pm families are invited to visit the Friendship Circle building and do a mitzvah by helping us fill these special care packages. We hope to see you there!


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