A Pre-Shabbat Treat: Challah Baking 101

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What could be more exciting to youngster than the chance to get their hands gooey and sticky, and to nosh on yummy snacks? Not much, which may explain all the smiles that were flashing around the Friendship Circle the other day as we hosted a challah-baking class.

While many of the participants were elementary-school age or younger, the class was open to all and among those who came to learn how to make challah was 17-year-old Pam Scannella, who attended the program with her mom, Jill. “I’m having fun,” the FC volunteer said as her fingers worked their way into the ball of dough before her. “It’s surpringly easy.”

While Pam was able to handle the measuring and dough kneading just fine, the younger set got a helping hand from their moms or FC staff as they measured, poured, mixed and sprinkled their way to a perfectly delicious challah roll. The end result of the afternoon for all the participants was the chance to take home their own, ready-to-bake chocolate chip challahs.

We’re betting they enjoyed the Shabbat meal just a little bit more with their sweet pastry on the table.

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