Where All the Babies Can Play

The bubbles were flying through the air as the toddlers danced and the littlest tots waved their hands enthusiastically. A few minutes later, after the children toddled off to play in LifeTown’s indoor playground – jumping into the ball pit and bouncing up and down on the playmats — the moms got to enjoy a cup of coffee and chit-chat.

Welcome to Mommy & Me, LifeTown style, where moms of children with all abilities gather together for a morning of play, song and friendship. 

“A baby’s first few years are exciting, yet particularly challenging, as they explore their environment and learn boundaries, like the word, no. For moms, it can be a socially isolating time trying to deal with mealtime, naptime and a host of other responsibilities that need attention throughout the day. We wanted to give moms a place where they could bring their babies and toddlers and find a supportive group of women in the same state of life,” said Esty Grossbaum, director of FC Jr. programs and leader of the classes.

More than just a place where moms can network and babies can play, these classes expand the mission of LifeTown as it is open to all babies and toddlers regardless of abilities. The goal, like that of other LifeTown programs, is to have an inclusive environment where all children can be children together. During the program, children sing songs, dance, learn basic prayers and more. 

“Bringing children of all abilities together for social activities, especially at this age when they don’t understand that someone is ‘different’ is the best way to ensure that they grow up to be teens and adults who want to make sure everyone is included and lives the best life possible,” Grossbaum added.

Initially offered for a few weeks back in January, the program has proven to be such a hit more dates are being added. To sign up or learn more about the classes, email Estyg@fcnj.com.

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