Bat Mitzvah Color-thon


Mollie Sysler (right) plays with two friends during Allie’s Winter Camp.

Mollie Sysler was helping out at Allie’s Winter Camp late last year when she noticed that her Friendship Circle buddy just wanted to color. “[That] made me realize how many markers the Friendship Circle needs for all the programs and what else they [may] need,” Mollie says.

As the Syslers were in the midst of bat mitzvah preparations at the time, Mollie considered how she could help the Friendship Circle on her big day.

“My family and I thought about all the different things we could use as table centerpieces at my bat mitzvah,” Mollie explains. “We had a lot of options, such as flowers and vases.”

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This basket full of craft supplies adorned tables at Mollie Sysler’s bat mitzvah before being donated to FC for Allie’s Camp.

Ultimately, though, they went in another direction entirely, creating baskets filled with craft supplies that she then donated — along with two riding toys — to the Friendship Circle. Additional centerpieces contained food items, which were donated to a kosher food pantry.

According to Mollie, the centerpieces “looked really beautiful. I felt proud and realized that these baskets really represent who I am and what my bat mitzvah is all about.”


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