Fabulous Friday Night: Chanukah Edition with Sasson Reuven

On Friday, December 8, the lights of the Menorah and Shabbat candles will bring light into the world at Fabulous Friday Night, Chanukah edition. Light Chanukah candles and Shabbat candles, share a joyful Kabbalat Shabbat and enjoy Shabbat dinner together with your family. Sasson “Sassy” Reuven, one of the commandos who, in 1976, rescued over 100 hostages being held in Entebbe, will share his story, as children play in the gym and on the playground.

Sassy was the second commando on the ground at Entebbe. A native of Be’er Sheva, Israel, he joined the IDF in 1973 and was a member of the Red Beret Paratroopers. Take a front row seat for his riveting retelling of the critical moments of the raid.

Today, forty-seven years later, in the midst of another brutal hostage situation, his words have particular resonance and hope, as we join together in solidarity and unity with our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Fabulous Friday Nights are sponsored in loving memory of Barbara Zinbarg.

Visit https://fcnj.com/ShabbatDinner to RSVP.

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