Parents Night Out, Board & Brush Edition

Creating farmhouse-style home decorations, monogramming and painting wood boards while enjoying elegant fare and one another’s company, about 35 couples spent a late July evening together at LifeTown.

Nights out together are an integral part of the Friendship Circle community. Parents relax together and hang out without having to lift a finger. Everything is planned for them, from dinner and drinks to immersive experiences. “Life is challenging enough for parents of kids with special needs. We want to make having fun, something others can take for granted in ways that our families can’t, easy and chore-free,” said Esty Grossbaum, who planned the evening.

This summer’s Parents Night Out featured crafts from Board & Brush, a “do-it-together” woodcraft studio in Livingston. 

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect and chat with other parents,” said Abby Phon, one of the participants. “It was a welcome occurrence since it’s rare for me to have an evening without kids, and having other parents in the same situation was refreshing.”

And having a chance to engage in a creative project together helped break the ice while providing some structure for the evening. “The Board & Brush activity was very unique and a fun focal point, and we all got invested in each other’s projects,” she said.

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