Bagels and coffee for busy parents

Hectic Sunday mornings slow down just a little bit for parents at LifeTown. After dropping their children off for Torah Circle, Arthur’s Coffee is open for business. That means there’s coffee and bagels with lox and cream cheese. On a recent January Sunday, Lauren Jacobs-Lazer dropped off three kids and before rushing off to get some errands done, she and her husband Adam Lazer had a chance to just sit and relax quietly over bagels and coffee.

Next to them, another Mom, Michal Burstein, said, “It’s nice to sit down and have breakfast without kids screaming.” She had dropped off her older two children and was sitting with 19-month-old Rafi as her husband, David, brought them coffee.

“We just want to give moms and dads a space to be together, to relax, or to chat, before they run errands or head home, when they can have peace of mind knowing their children are being cared for,” said Esty Grossbaum, junior division program director at LifeTown.

Arthur’s Coffee is now open every Sunday morning with coffee and bagels for parents after drop-off.

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