Spare Time at the Bowling Alley

Eric’s bright pink ball went barreling down the lane, knocking down all of the pins. A strike!

Cheers erupted from the group and there were high fives all around at Hanover Lanes, where a group of young adults were enjoying the second monthly bowling night.

After Eric’s strike, RJ put down his iPad and headed out for his turn. He dropped the ball from the “alligator,” or small green slide helping to send the ball on its way. Three pins went down, then five more. Before the evening was out, he’d gotten several of his own strikes.

Asked what he thought of the bowling, RJ typed, “I love it! I love the input and I love the inclusion.”

His mother, Roxanne, explained that the bowling activity offers the opportunity to socialize and is a particularly good choice for her son and many other participants because the weight of the ball serves as an aid for regulation, offering sensory input. 

Jeremy, smiling widely, shared with his dad, “I’m doing great!”

“I love being here with my friends,” said Eric, who often bowls on a weekly basis. “I love knocking down the pins.”

After knocking down 6 pins, Matthew got a high five from teen volunteer Daniel Altstadter. He recently started volunteering, but is already reaping the benefits. “I don’t do it to make me feel good, but that’s what happens,” he said. “And it’s a good break for me. I don’t have to think about anything else while I’m here.”

Avi, Jeremy, and Steven all came away with spares, and Devorah got a strike. But the truth is, no matter how many pins any of them knocked down, joy was the vibe at the alley. As one of the parents watching from the side said, “It’s a low stress event. Everyone is happy and having fun.”

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