Saturday Night Out

Live in Livingston on Saturday night, a magical energy suffused Jerusalem Pizza, where friends over 21 mingled and chatted, dined and delighted in one another’s company. Seated around several long tables, the spark of camaraderie lit the evening as 15 participants and a few volunteers munched on pizza, falafel, pasta, and even hot peppers.

Snippets of conversation dangled in the air: ice cream cakes and chocolate fudge, 30th birthday celebrations, airplane rides and vacation spots, places worked and jobs held, favorite Thanksgiving dishes and pumpkin pies.

As the evening wore on some opted into a rousing card game of UNO. Others just reveled in the idea of being together at night, out on the town.

Jaron hadn’t been out of his home in months, and he wasn’t so sure this was his night – until he peeked in the door and saw familiar faces. Just going inside alone made it a fantastic night for him.

For Matt, the evening was a chance to enjoy some of his favorite food in a familiar place. But of course, it was never about the food. “It’s not often I have the opportunity of hanging out with friends in the best place in town!” he said as he polished off his falafel and the hot peppers.

Friendship Circle program coordinators Ann and Megan had another activity planned nearby, but the group was so happy right where they were that they saved it for another day. Eventually, Hannah and Matt, Devorah, Danielle, Melanie, Eric, and the rest of the gang made their way to the pickup spot, grinning and goofing together until it was time to say goodbye to their night out.

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