Friends Make Friday Night Fabulous

Fabulous Friday Nights just got a little better with the help of some friends. On Friday, August 5, a group of young adults at Friendship Circle had the opportunity to try out new skills, helping to set the room for the Shabbat dinner and then bussing tables for the guests.

“It was a wonderful and meaningful experience for them,” said Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, Friendship Circle CEO. Huge kudos to Monica Smolyar, Max Lerner, Matthew Cohen, and Danielle Sass for their incredible assistance.

Among the attendees were 40 clients from Livingston-based Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD) and South Orange-based JESPY House. The August event marked the second time individuals from these groups joined Friendship Circle for Shabbat dinner.

“JSDD is grateful that Friendship Circle has graciously extended an invitation to JSDD’s residents to participate in its Fabulous Friday program,” said Linda Press, JSDD executive director. “While JSDD residents and WAE Center members observe Shabbat with each other in an organized way each week, being welcomed into the arms of a Friendship Circle community experience has been very special.  It’s always a benefit to have the opportunity to meet new people and experience how other observe the Sabbath.”

Fabulous Friday Nights were created in loving memory of Friendship Circle volunteer Barbara Zinbarg by her husband and family.

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