Dads Bury Their Hatchets

Actually, there were never any hard feelings among Friendship Circle dads, who got together July 14 to throw axes for fun at Bury the Hatchet in Bloomfield. It was the first in-person Dad’s Night Out since COVID. It wasn’t about hitting the clutch or even the bullseye on the target; instead, it was a chance for dads to hang out for a few hours together, meet one another, eat, drink, even exchange tips and information. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

Hal Sass had never thrown an axe before. “It ain’t easy!” he said. But what is easy is spending time with other Friendship Circle dads. “We always have a good time together,” he said. “It’s nice to see the other dads in a different setting where we can hang out, have a drink together, and just get away for a few hours—and it was fun trying to throw an axe!”

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