Football Circle

The coaches were ready and waiting as over 100 people came to Ryan’s Field at LifeTown for the second Football Circle, featuring football drills, non-contact play, and socializing with Livingston’s football team.

The program, held May 22, was launched in the fall in memory of Ryan Warter, for whom the field is also named. Ryan was always excited about the vision for LifeTown. He was there on the day in 2017 when members of the New York Jets helped dedicate the field, one of the first areas of the building to be completed. That day, Ryan walked arm in arm with one of the Jets’ players to make a touchdown, and the image became emblematic of the field.

Even the heat and a bit of rain couldn’t dampen the spirit of the people who came out to play.

Football circles, which will be held twice each year in the fall and in the spring, are just another way the Warter family is enabling an ever-wider circle to embrace their own motto of “Do Happy!”

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