How is this Passover different from all others?

Passover is coming and FCNJ has everything you need to make the holiday memorable.

At the Model Matzah Bakery on Sunday, April 10, at 10:00am, participants experience each step of the matzah process: thresh the wheat, winnow it, grind it into flour in an authentic hand mill, mix the flour and water into a dough and finally bake the matzah. It’s a hands-on opportunity to learn about matzah by making it from scratch. Sign up for the workshop here.

Add some Shmura Matzah to your Seder table. Shmura means “guarded” and this handmade, matzah is an important to eat at the seder. Give it a try this year. And when someone asks why this seder is different from all others, you can point to the shmura matzah! You can purchase some here

Sell your chametz! Jewish law requires that individuals not own any leavened products during Passover. It’s traditional to sell all of chametz before the holiday begins. We will act as your agent and legally sell your chametz for you on Friday, April 15 before Passover begins, and ownership will be legally returned to you after sundown on Saturday April 23. The products then remain in your home, but they do not technically belong to you. You can sign up to have us sell your chametz for you here.

Want to have a seder but not sure how? Are you finding it overwhelming to know where to begin? Try our Seder2Go kit. Everything you need is already in the box: a seder plate, shmura matzah, grape juice, a placemat, a Hebrew-English annotated haggadah, and a how-to guide. You can sign up for a kit here.

Are you looking for a Seder? Join us for the Seder the first or second nights of Passover. Don’t be like Elijah and visit when the Seder is almost over, contact us today and join us for the entire traditional Seder experience. Email for more information or to RSVP.

Do you want to enhance your Seder with new insights, get answers for the 4 Questions, or find a new Passover recipe? Our Pesach megasite is jammed packed with everything you need to make your holiday meaningful. You can find more on this and other themes here. Check it out! 

Wishing you and your family a kosher and happy Passover!

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