Music for the Soul

Drumroll please: LifeTown unveiled a new musical instrument area on the stage in the LifeTown Theater.

The new music center was created by Rae Meyer in honor of her Bat Mitzvah. It includes enough guitars and drums, egg shakers and tambourines, bells, triangles, cymbals and more for large and small group to find harmonies together.

In addition to the music center, Rea created a zoom jam session on Sundays with a group of girls, where they played music and danced together. The group of girls got together in-person at LifeTown for one of the sessions and helped Rea unpack and assemble the music center.

“We have the power to convey so much with the power of music,” said Rae, whose embrace of the organization follows her extended family’s longtime involvement. “My hope is that this music center will allow others to experience the joy and energy of music.”

A vibrant neon sign carrying the message, “Music is the pen of the soul” hangs just above the instruments.

Rae’s project has struck a chord across the LifeTown community.

Music has always been integral to the Friendship Circle, starting with the first steps visitors take as they enter the building, climbing a set of musical stairs. It’s a core feature of many Friendship Circle programs, and having the instruments onsite at all times adds a new level of accessibility.

“Every time kids are in the facility they use the music center,” said Toba Grossbaum, executive director of LifeTown. “They love going on the stage and playing the instruments.”

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