Lamplighters Podcast: LifeTown, A Village For The Special Needs Community

In Episode 17 of Lamplighters: Stories From Chabad Emissaries On The Jewish Frontier, Lamplighters Reporter/Producer Gary Waleik presents the story of Rabbi Zalman and Toba Grossbaum, who started the country’s second Friendship Circle program and expanded into the 53,000 square foot Life Town facility, which creates opportunities for special needs individuals. The programs are based on the insights of Chabad Rebbes about people with special needs. Their story includes a very special student named Ryan Warter, for whom Life Town’s football field is dedicated.

Lamplighters: Stories From Chabad Emissaries On The Jewish Frontier is producing a series of moving, beautifully produced, sound-rich and often surprising stories of Chabad shluchim and the people they inspire in every corner of the world. 

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