Virtual Course Brings Bible to Life

Why was light the first thing G-d created in the universe?  The answer to this and many others questions are discussed with a growing number of people each week during Friendship Circle’s virtual Lunch & Learn Torah class, taught by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenblum.

Rabbi Rosenblum says the new program began over the summer as a response to requests from members of the community who were working at home and looking for a meaningful and spiritual way to spend their lunch hour.

“The Torah has many lessons to teach us, but sometimes, with our busy, contemporary lives it’s hard to sit down and focus on those gems of wisdom,” he said. “My goal is to give people an insight into the weekly Torah reading that makes it relevant to their life in today’s day and age and makes the Torah something that talks to us.”

The Lunch & Learn is held each Tuesday afternoon at 12:15pm. To join, visit

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