Twelve-year-old Asher Rosenfeld  loves reading and he’s hoping to spread that love to children at Friendship Circle. Asher has handpicked four different Jewish books and is offering to send FC participants one of the books at no charge. Once your child receives the book, they can arrange a time for to have the book read to them by Asher via Zoom!

“Reading brings the imagination to life- it takes us beyond our everyday world and brings us into someone else’s- which is so special and so cool,” said Asher. “I love to read because it’s so exciting! You never know what’s coming up on the next page! I am thrilled to be able to share my passion with friendship circle participants and I can’t wait to read one-on-one and connect over stories that we can enjoy together.”

Those who have participated loved the experience. As one mom, Karen, said, “Asher was so kind and read beautifully to my girls. [They] asked if they can do it every month!”

You can register your child for “Audibles with Asher” at

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