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A group of young adults with special needs have been spending their weekday mornings in camp, virtually, where they recite morning prayers, create art projects, watch special event programs, prepare a meal or snack, and spend time with their friends. 

Each week brings a focus on a different Jewish theme—tzedakah (charity), mitzvot (good deeds) and Shabbat and Ahavat Yisroel (love your fellow Jew)—among them. Supplies are provided to each participant ensuring everyone has the needed tools to actively engage in the camp experience. 

“I really love camp. All the davening and the art projects and meeting new people on zoom,” said camp-goer Matthew Cohen.

Rebecca, another participant, had attended many Friendship Circle programs over the years, but a move to a group home limited her availability to join in-person programs. Camp has reconnected her to her FC friends.

According to her mother, Nona, the staff at the group home are “so impressed with FC camp and was pleasantly surprised that Rebecca is able to keep her attention to participate for the entire sessions. They told me she comes in the office every morning saying she is ready for camp! Thank you for making this possible for her.”

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