In Spirit of Friendship

2,000 people attend FCwalk to support children with special needs and tour LifeTown

With the pop of a confetti tube and a blast of music, 2,000 people smiled and walked under a cloud-laden sky on Oct. 28 to show their support for children with special needs, enjoy a family fun day and get their first look at the nearly completed LifeTown at the annual FCwalk.

“I think it’s really nice that so many people came out to show they care about Friendship Circle and the kids,” said Shiri Kaplitt, 11, who attended the FCwalk with her family.

Added her friend Michal, 11, “It’s really beautiful and empowering that everyone cares about the community.”

The annual FCwalk, which raised nearly $200,000 for programming for children with special needs, began with a tribute to the victims of the Oct. 27 synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

“Our hearts are shattered by the horrific attack,” said Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, executive director of Friendship Circle. “We mourn the 11 holy souls so cruelly taken from our midst. We pray for their families, for those injured and the entire Pittsburgh community.”

He asked the crowd to follow the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of righteous memory, who advised people to help others and do good deeds, “to take away the darkness” in the world.

Representing Friendship Circle parents, Avi Shua, whose son, Eitan, attends FC programs, also addressed the crowd. He explained how important FC is to his whole family; it gives Eitan a place where he belongs and “it gives our entire family a place to volunteer and the opportunity to do so.”

Among those who came out to show their support were the Gohar family. “It’s great for kids with special needs so they can have a place where they can go out and socialize,” said Dana Gohar.

After joking that FC should give out roller blades for next year’s walk, Gohar’s husband, Roy, turned serious and said, “This is a great cause. They should keep it going for many more years.”

Gedaliah Romanoff, who attended with his wife and young children, said that even though Friendship Circle has other fundraisers during the year, the fact that so many people still come out for the annual walk speaks to the importance of its work.

“Friendship Circle is welcoming to all and has a big encompassing mission that touches and affects a lot of people,” said Romanoff.

During the family fun fair, kids enjoyed playing virtual reality games, a petting zoo, bounce houses and a BMX bike show. Cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs and knishes – not to mention fresh pickles, were also a huge hit.

What really stole the show for many was the chance to finally see LifeTown as it nears final completion. LifeTown is a 53,000 square foot, fully accessible social, recreational and therapeutic center that will house Friendship Circle programs and other programming for children, teens and young adults with special needs.

Many of those who came out of the building and said it was “fantastic” and “magnificent” with a few asking just how FC managed to get all the different activity areas in one space.

Renee Averbach attended the FCwalk with her daughter, Emily, and both were thrilled to see LifeTown. Said Renee: “We are overwhelmed with joy and pride to be a part of Friendship Circle and celebrate LifeTown with our friends old and new.”

For Rebecca Fisher, a FC mom who attended the event with her family the day was one of pure joy. “There’s just nothing not positive about this day. Everything about it makes me smile from ear to ear. Seeing the lives the Friendship Circle has already changed and will changed.”

Her daughter Emme, 10, joined her on a tour of LifeTown and was “excited, happy and joyful” by all she saw. “I really want to go on the playground, and in the pool,” said Emme, adding “I have a lot of favorite [places in LifeTown]. It looks like a lot of fun.”

As the day came to a close, Grossbaum reflected on the afternoon. “We are always amazed by the generosity of spirit and friendship that is shown by the participants of the annual walk. This year, though, was extra special because everyone could walk through the nearly completed LifeTown and see the vision come to life. Hopefully, in the not to distant future, everyone will be able to come back to LifeTown for good.”

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