Coloring Their World

Cedar Hill member and FC parent Barbara Warter was a keynote speaker at the event.

An array of the crafting bounty donated by Cedar Hill members.

When LifeTown opens its doors, participants will find a fully stocked art room, thanks to members of the Cedar Hill Golf & Country Club in Livingston.

A donation of crayons, markers, stickers, paints—totaling some $3,000 worth of materials—were made as part of the club’s annual “Cedar Hill UJA Day of Play,” which supports the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest.

“Last year we added a mitzvah component to the program, and we found it was so effective that we decided to do it again this year,” says Robin Leitner, assistant director of women’s philanthropy at Federation. “Our event co-chairs, Neeli and Michael Margolis, suggested we focus on Friendship Circle and LifeTown.”

Says Neeli Margolis, “We thought that with all the expenses that go into building LifeTown that it would be a relief to have the art supplies all ready to go.”

Margolis adds that her friend and fellow Cedar Hill member Barbara Warter is an FC parent and supporter, which made the decision to highlight LifeTown even stronger.

“From Barbara and her family, we’ve learned a lot about how Friendship Circle works and the benefits it provides—not only for the individual with special needs, but the extended family and the volunteers who come in,” says Margolis. “It’s a full circle, and we thought it was absolutely appropriate to highlight and support them as they are about to open this new facility.”

FC Executive Director Toba Grossbaum thanked the club members, noting that the materials will go to good use.

“I can’t wait until we are settled in LifeTown, and the kids can go into the art room and access all of these incredible supplies,” she says. “LifeTown will truly enhance our beautiful community, and we appreciate Cedar Hill members for their commitment to individuals with special needs.”


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